How to purchase a textbook

How to purchase a textbook?

An account is required when purchasing a textbook. See - Howto create an account?

1. To purchase our textbooks visit then navigate to our Store or simply access this link -

2. On the right-side panel of our Bookstore, you may choose which type of textbook you would like to purchase then click the Add to Cart icon.

If you prefer a textbook rather than an ebook, make sure you selected the product that has a label that says – Printed Set / Printed Book.

3.  A popup box will appear when you have added the textbook to your Shopping Cart then click Close button

4.  Go to your Shopping Cart to proceed with the payment

5. Click Proceed to checkout button

If you do not have an account with PanGlobal you will need to complete the form below to create a new account. Choose Log in, if you have an existing account with us.

6. Double check your delivery address and phone number. If the address on file is incorrect, you may edit, delete or add a new delivery address

    If your billing address is different from your delivery address, click the Billing address differs from shopping address link to update it. Click the Continue button to proceed.

7.  Select the Shipping Method then click Continue to proceed.

8. Click Pay by Card to enter your credit/debit card information and check the box next to “I agree to the terms of service and will adhere to them unconditionally.” 

Keep your login credentials for your next purchase.

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