Using Your CIRKA eBook: A Walkthrough

Using Your CIRKA eBook: A Walkthrough

Using your CIRKA eBook: A Walkthrough

Register and Login to Your Account at PGKNOWLEDGE

  • Click on the Login button, and sign up if you don’t have an account.

Purchasing a CIRKA eBook

  • Once logged in you will see a list of all of the books you have purchased.


To see other available products for purchase click on the Catalog tab at the top of the page.

  • Select CIRKA from the ‘All Categories’ drop down in the menu on the left.


  • Add the item to the cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button underneath

Opening the eBook

  • When you have completed purchasing a CIRKA eBook from PGKnowledge you’ll be prompted to go to your account or your bookshelf.
  • Select bookshelf and your eBook purchases will appear.
  • Underneath the CIRKA book click the ‘Read Online’ button (you may also download into your Desktop, iOS or Android APP).



Taking the Quiz

  • Select the number of questions you would like drawn from each unit.

CIRKA Results

  • Once you have submitted your attempt you will see the Unit Topics, Unit Topic Scores, and Overall Score. In additional you will see a Buy Now link for each of the topics included in your audit.

  • If you click on More a detailed inventory of the content in that Unit is provided. The inventory consists of a Unit Introduction, Rationale, Learning Outcome and list of Learning Objectives for that topic. Again if you want to do a more detailed review for that topic click the Buy Now link next to that topic and the link will take you to the page where you can purchase that unit.

  • To take more tests, click the reset button and a new quiz is created. CIRKA Books offer unlimited attempts throughout your subscription period.

Auditory Review Mode

In Auditory Review Mode questions and answers are read out loud to the user. When the last answer choice is read, a pause occurs to allow the user to think about what the answer is. After the user has had some time to think about what the right answer is, the actual answer to the question is then read to the user to allow the user to evaluate whether they had the right answer. The next question will then begin playing. This repeats until there are no more questions.
  1. Toggle Auditory Review mode by clicking on the toggle button located at the top right corner.

  1. Select the number of question per unit.
  2. Click on the Play button found at the top left.
  3. Pause/Play as desired. 
  4. Review mode may be restarted at any time using the reset button.
  5. Change the rate and volume sliders to the desired level.

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